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32nd International Union of Radio Science General Assembly & Scientific Symposium * Montreal, Canada * 19-27 August 2017 Home Page

Program/Scientific Program
Poster Presenter Instructions

Poster Presentations

The poster sessions start at 16:00 and end at 19:00. Authors are expected to remain with their posters to answer questions the entire duration of the poster session. The poster sessions will be in room 517ab.

  • Presenters assigned to the first poster session (PST1) must mount their posters on Tuesday, August 22, between 9:20 am and 12:00 noon, and must remove their posters before 12:00 noon on Wednesday, August 23. Material not removed by this time will be destroyed.
  • Presenters assigned to the second poster session (PST2) must mount their posters on Thursday, August 24, between 9:20 am and 12:00 noon, and must remove their posters between 19:00 and 20:00 on Thursday, August 24. Material not removed by this time will be destroyed.
  • The poster boards are self standing. The maximum area available for each poster is limited to 1 m (40 in) wide (horizontal) by 1 m (40 in) high (vertical). The recommended size for the poster is 0.76 m (30.4 in) high by 1 m (40 in) wide (“landscape” orientation).
  • The poster boards are made of a soft material that accepts Velcro tape. A supply of Velcro tape will be available in the poster area for mounting posters.
  • The number of your paper can be found in the preliminary program, and will be posted on the upper-left-hand corner of the poster board for your poster. The poster boards in each poster session will be grouped into Commissions and sessions within each Commission. The boards are then numbered in sequence for the papers in the session. Please check the program guide or the app for last-minute changes.
  • Each poster should have the paper title, authors, and authors’ affiliations at the top of the poster. It is strongly suggested that authors bring business cards to hand out to those who stop by to see the poster and are interested in further contact regarding the topic of the paper.
  • Posters are not PowerPoint presentations printed out and pasted on a board. They are thoughtful combinations of text and graphics that tell the story of your work. A person should be able to easily read everything on your poster from a distance of 1.5 m, and they should be able to understand the basic importance of the story and the key conclusions in five minutes. 

Onsite Poster Printing

We are also providing optional onsite poster printing service for all presenters. The cost of the print including delivery to the venue is $60 CDN.

The posters may be retrieved on-site for installation on the appropriate board.


  • Size your poster to no larger than 40’’x 40’’ (101.6 x 101.6 cm)
  • Hi-res PDFs or vector files are required
  • Follow the download instructions from GES our show services company at
  • In the Comments Box, add the following text:
    Your name, phone number and email address
    The name of your print file

Ariela Levi will contact you by email for payment information. Ariela can be reached at should you have any questions.