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32nd International Union of Radio Science General Assembly & Scientific Symposium * Montreal, Canada * 19-27 August 2017 Home Page


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Award/competition guidelines

The Call for Submissions is now closed. Authors will be notified of the status of their acceptance by the week of March 27, 2017. There has been a one week delay.


Paper submission is made through the paper submission site. Before you access this site please prepare your paper according to the requirements below. If you are entering the Young Scientist Competition (YSC) or the Student Paper Competition (SPC) be sure to read those instructions as well. You will need additional information.

You will need to submit a PDF version of your paper and to maintain compatibility it is important that you follow the guidelines found here.

Abstracts and Papers

There are three different paper standards for URSI meetings: Extended Abstracts, Summary Papers and Full Papers. You can access templates for these standards through the preceding links.

All Commissions and Joint Sessions accept either an Extended Abstract or a Summary Paper. In addition, Young Scientist Award entrants and Student Paper Competition entrants need to meet specific requirements. Complete details are listed in the quick links box above; please adhere to them.

  • Young Scientist Awards (YSA): YSA applicants must submit a Summary Paper.
  • Student Paper Competition: Entrants must submit a Full Paper (a maximum of ten pages) and either a Summary Paper or an Extended Abstract as appropriate for the Commission.


  • Authors may appear on as many papers as they wish.
  • To be included in the GASS 2017 symposium program and proceedings (and, if the author wishes, for the paper to be submitted to IEEE Xplore):
    • At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the GASS 2017 by May 12, 2017 now extended to May 19th, and
    • The paper must be presented at the symposium.
  • Except in unusual circumstances, the paper should be presented by one of the authors.
  • A student registration is valid for only one paper, independently of where the registered author appears in the list of authors.


  • The templates provide the page limits and other requirements associated with these different paper types.
  • Extended Abstracts will not be submitted to IEEE Xplore.
  • Summary Papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore unless the author opts out.
  • Student Paper Competition papers will not be published to ensure that there are no subsequent prior-publication issues for those students who wish to submit the work to a journal. This means that the ten-page Full Paper will not be included in the symposium proceedings. Entrants must also submit a Summary Paper or Extended Abstract (as appropriate to the requirements of the Commission) on the same subject to the appropriate session. The Summary Paper or Extended Abstract will be included in the symposium proceedings.
  • The Extended Abstracts and the Summary Papers will be provided to registrants on a USB stick.

Special Issues of Radio Science and the Radio Science Bulletin

  • Radio Science (Editor, Phil Wilkinson) will publish a Special issue associated with the GASS. This is already open. If you are interested, please go to
  • If your paper is more tutorial or review in nature, or deals with a less narrowly focused topic, it may be more appropriate for the Radio Science Bulletin. Since several special sections will be published, there should be little or no delay in publishing your paper in the Radio Science Bulletin. The Radio Science Bulletin special sections are also open now and will remain open until 31 December 2018. There are no page charges or author fees associated with publishing in the Radio Science Bulletin.
  • Further information can be found here.

Questions about this website can be directed to; general program questions should be directed to